3 tips for training for a 10K race as a slow runner

Out on an October run together!

Running has never been my thing. In fact, running is a sport I struggle with doing consistently. I just am not that fast. I wish I was faster, but apparently wishing isn’t enough to actually make me go faster.

For the past month or so I’ve made a strong effort to train for the 10K Monster Dash that I am signed up to run on Saturday, October 26th, 2019. From today, that’s basically TWO MORE WEEKS!!!

Here are 3 things I’m doing for the 6 weeks of training, to keep myself motivated and moving and running!

Tip 1: Schedule my runs in a special “Training” Google Calendar

I am committed to running 3 days a week and I realized I needed to actually see each run in my calendar. The color I use for my training calendar is yellow. Yellow represents energy and the sun, and when I see the yellow in my calendar I smile!

In the entry for each day I run, I additionally put how many miles I will run for that session. I run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Then on the other days I walk my dog Sam for at least an hour a day. Yes, Sam does most of my runs with me, to his delight! I do core and butt strengthening exercises on the days I don’t run.

Tip 2: Listen to ThinkUp mantras about what a strong runner I am

I love ThinkUp! Here it is on my phone!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I purchased the ThinkUp app and I’ve recorded lots of short mantras about running and keeping my mind focused on my strength and skill with running. I don’t talk about my speed in my mantras. Instead I focus on how good I feel while I run and after I run. I talk about my pace and how good it is for my body.

It’s a great app. I strongly recommend it!

Tip 3: Put on my run clothing and get out the door – one tiny step at a time

I can easily talk myself out of going for my run. I don’t love to run early in the morning and sometimes running after I get home from work feels virtually impossible. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I just want to rest. Can you relate??!!

Over the years I’ve learned to NOT think about the run. Instead, I break it down to tiny, tiny steps. I keep my running gear in a bin in my closet. I go put on my running clothes. I fill my water bottle. I make sure I have Smarties in my training pack I wear around my waist while I run. (for emergency low blood sugars, which happen on occasion while I’m running.)

Then I leave the house. I always start with a 2 to 5 minute walking warm up. That helps me get into the moving groove. I rarely listen to music while I run, since I do USAT triathlons and you can’t listen to music when doing the event, and I like to be ready for that! Then after 2 to 5 minutes I start running!!!

There you have it, those are the tips and strategies I use to get out the door and get running! Let me know what YOU do to get going! I love hearing your stories too.

My 10K happens in two weeks and I will have a race report after the race!!

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2 thoughts on “3 tips for training for a 10K race as a slow runner”

  1. There are days I have no desire to go exercise. But I know once I put on my exercise clothes, I will go out the door. And I tell myself how good I will feel after! This is also a social time for me as I workout with the same group of people each time. I also make myself go to spite the pain. I can’t let it take over and stop me from making the rest of my body stronger. So I go, Mon, Wed and Fri.

    • Good job Cathy!!! Another type 1 friend just broke her foot, she loves to run, but no running for the moment. Like you, she is going to the gym and working on her upper body and her core! Plus social time is awesome! Way to go!!

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