What is a diabetes exercise game changer?

Everyone with diabetes is told they need to exercise. Great, right? Of course, exercise is a wonderful thing. But, there’s all these issues that come into play. Like HOW. And WHEN. And WHAT ABOUT… Those things all add up and then many of us just give up. Who has the motivation to figure it out.

Need some motivation? Need some inspiration? Need to see the path on how to get there? Need some celebration for once you do get out there and make it happen?

Yes?! Then you’ve come to the right place!!!

Mari Ruddy is your gal. She is ready to motivate, inspire and demonstrate HOW. Mari has a proven track record that helps individuals and groups get in gear and get active!

Mari is a game changer because her way of living and working with people with diabetes has changed the game of exercise and diabetes to one of empowerment and transformation. Moving from victim to athlete.

Mari was the Director of TeamWILD Athletics for the almost six years it existed and she is the Founder of the Red Rider Recognition Program of the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure cycling events. Red Riders are the now more than 10,000 cyclists with diabetes who ride in the more than 85 Tour de Cures.



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  1. Dear Mari:
    I want to wish you great luck and love tomorrow as you perform as a Red Rider. This bike ride is significant and you ARE a super part of it. I applaud you for your fundraising efforts AND your determination and commitment to live with diabetes. You are the hero in this Tour de Cure story along with your band of merry red riders. I’ll be with you in spirit and wish you the very best of bike rides. You’re awesome!!!

  2. Mari
    I have Type 1 and try to run 3 miles every morning. I am interested in getting a bicycle. Do you know if there is any events in Missoula, Mt?


    • Hi Gary!!
      Thanks for getting in touch! That’s awesome that you run 3 miles every day!!! In getting a bike, the key is to try a bunch of them. And to think about what sort of cycling you want to do. The bike makes a difference. And to have the bike actually fit you is also really important. Find a few bike shops in your area and go visit them, find a sales person you like and start learning about bikes. You will need to get a helmet, and perhaps you are willing to get bike shoes that clip onto pedals, this makes for much more efficient cycling, because you can pull up and push down. Then there’s the bike clothing. Are you comfortable in lycra!?? It’s the trademark clothing in cycling!!

      As for Tour de Cure rides, cycling events for the American Diabetes Association, there is a ride in Montana. It’s in Laurel, MT which is about 6 hours from you. It won’t be held again until September 2015. You can look up Tour de Cure rides here: http://diabetes.org/tour. Also, I looked up and found a bike club in Missoula. Here’s their website: http://www.missoulabike.org

      Keep me posted on how it goes!!

  3. Regina Goldade July 28, 2014 at 1:58 AM

    Thank you Mari for your Inspiration and excitement for the Tour. I remember you my second year when I volunteered at Napa Valley and you were Commentating. I said at that time She is wonderful! I have ridden 3 years now. I am now learning to Love my bike not dread the hills, learn hydration and nutrition.
    I so love seeing the Red Riders on the Ride. Red riders are amazing!

    I so loved hearing about your Iowa ride! Thank you for sharing it.

    • Regina,
      I’m so glad you love the Red Riders!! And that you ride and are involved with the Napa Tour de Cure!!! That’s a fabulous ride! Kim has done an awesome job being the Volunteer Committee Chair! I’m also glad you don’t dread the hills and that you learned about hydration and nutrition!!! I think those are the keys to success!
      In continued wellness,

  4. Mari, so glad to see your picture and see you looking great! May you have a wonderful and fulfilling year as usualu

  5. I’m happy to see this website and look forward to following your new venture, I know you will do very well.

  6. Paul,
    Great to hear from you! Thanks for your support! Much appreciated!

  7. Congratulations Mari you are a inspiration to everyone and even more inspiring to those of us with diabetes. Thank you for all your hard work!

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