Leveraging LinkedIn for Greater Gains


One and a half hour consultation with Mari Ruddy to go over your LinkedIn profile and update it so it sings with magic + a 20 minute follow-up review of your profile.

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Wondering how to get the most out of using LinkedIn and want to make it happen fast? This is your package.

What you get when you invest in Leveraging LinkedIn for Greater Gains:

  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 time with Linkedin Coach Mari Ruddy via a Zoom call. If an hour is too long, we can do two shorter sessions. To avoid Zoom fatigue.
  • In advance of the call, Mari will review your profile and give you a detailed list of 9 – 12 action steps for how to get your profile singing
  • A list of strategies for asking for recommendations and giving recommendations
  • Instructions and examples of how to make posts and write articles that gain serious traction
  • Insight on how to take your LinkedIn networking to the next level
  • 2-3 weeks after our initial Zoom call, you get a second Zoom call that will be a 20 minute review and analysis of actions taken


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