Celebrate my birthday by riding long: #diabetes and all

Tomorrow, May 12th, is my 52nd birthday and as you likely know, I’m not married and I don’t have any children. At this moment in time, I don’t have a boyfriend. (Yes, I would like to have a boyfriend!) I also don’t have a particularly good relationship with my biological family. I do have wonderful … Read moreCelebrate my birthday by riding long: #diabetes and all

Focus on the goal, keep training when overwhelmed

I went to Mexico and I had a wonderful experience! It was so fun, that coming back to my part-time job as the Internship Coordinator at the University of Minnesota, my substitute teaching at Great River School, my side gig of helping people with their LinkedIn profiles combined with training for my 100-mile bike ride … Read moreFocus on the goal, keep training when overwhelmed

Broken Bones, Diabetes and Cycling

<--- BreakOn Monday, May 16th I was walking my dear dog Echo. We were on a perfectly flat sidewalk. The weather was perfect. Echo was not pulling. I was wearing new boots that I had never walked very far in before. These boots have rubber soles. I think what happened is the rubber caught on the cement of the sidewalk, and caused me to trip and wobble. So badly, I fell hard to my left. As I fell, I relaxed as I learned years ago from my cycling coach. Nonetheless, as I hit the ground I heard a very loud snap.

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