Reminder: Every gift comes from our collective spirit!

Reminder: Every gift comes from our collective spirit!

I have been working on my goals and plans for 2019, and it has come time to get my book out into the world. It’s time. I am ready.

Even though I am ready, I am scared beyond belief. I worry about hurting my biological family. I worry it won’t be good enough. I worry that no one will like it. I worry that I’m not a good enough writer to publish a second book.

I realized that in order to do this, I need support. Whew. Even saying that is HARD. I need community. So, I started a writing group. We’ve agreed to meet every month. To hold each other accountable. I joined a class with writing teacher Jeff Goins. And I’m going to go to a two day writing conference.

Then I read the message from My Inner Pilot Light. This was so beautiful, and my fears faded.

My Inner Pilot Light, we all have one! 

Dearest Angel Of My Heart,

Do you understand that every creation that you might be tempted to take credit for comes from me? Every song you write, every poem that comes through, every book, every insight that helps someone else, every genius idea, every scientific solution, every healing technique, every new contribution you offer to a planet in need of your love- you can thank me for it.

This means you don’t need to hold anything too close to your breast. You don’t need to protect it with tons of copyrights or fear sharing it with other people. You don’t need to worry about the competition or be in scarcity around how generously you might share what I give you. Because it’s not really yours anyway. It’s a gift. From me.

And here’s the grand news. There’s an infinite supply of new creations where that came from. If you resist the temptation to told your creations too tight, you open the channels so even more can pour in from where that came from.

So . . . give credit where credit is due. Then take what I gave you and pour your creations into the world. Loosen the reins and let me keep pouring more creativity into you.

Open wide,

Your Inner Pilot Light

Lissa Rankin sends out these messages from Your Inner Pilot Light.

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  1. Elizabeth Gilbert addressed writing about family in her book, Big Magic. It’s a great book in general and will definitely help with motivation to write your book! Cheryl Strayd also talks about it in her podcast and interviews and such. I’m excited to read your book!

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