Mexico, voy a verle pronto!

If you know me you know that I am beyond excited to head to Mexico tomorrow! I was a Spanish major in college and I love, love, love speaking Spanish. I’m not all that good at it any more, but surrounding myself with people speaking Spanish is pure joy. I shift into a side of myself that I’ve only discovered when I’m in Latin America. I’m softer, more relaxed and in general, happier!!!

That’s not to say my English-speaking self isn’t happy, because I am generally a happy person no matter what language with which I am surrounded. It’s just the way Spanish flows feels like it has less harsh edges, which results in more happiness! I know that is rather round about and illogical. What I know, is that people who have known me in both Spanish and English have commented on the difference they’ve observed.

In any case, since it’s February and the month of love, I am pretty darn joyous, happy and loving that I’m going to Cancun, Mexico with my three friends Alex, Rita and Jill! Normally, I drink just 4 glasses of wine a year, and since all three of my friends are wine aficionados, I am suspending my wine restriction and I do believe I will have half a glass of wine a day!!! Indeed, I will be living on the edge! Not only will I be speaking Spanish, drinking wine, and hanging out with three amazing friends, I will also be swimming in the ocean and exploring Mayan ruins!!! In the sunshine!

Best of all, I am 100% going off-line. Yes, from Saturday to Saturday I will not be on email, on Facebook, on LinkedIn or on the internet in any way shape or form. I cannot remember the last time I’ve taken such a big social media/email/internet vacation. I admit, I’m a bit nervous about how it will go. I think I’m more dependent on social media connections than I want to admit. That said, I’m willing to take breaks and go cold turkey!

See you on the other side!

Hasta luego!!


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