Love, Fear and Dating for Single Ladies

It’s the month of love! I am a big fan of love. I love the earth, my dog, and my nieces. I also love cycling, cooking healthy, vegan, gluten-free food and walking my athletic dog! On top of all of this, I love taking action to make the world a more just, healthy, welcoming place for all of us.

The one place I have struggled when it comes to love is the realm of long-term romantic alliances. I’ve had a number of amazing, smart, dear relationships with men. Two of them I almost married. Key word being ALMOST. I used to think they were the ones afraid of commitment. Turns out is was me who was downright terrified of entanglement. I equated commitment with being stomped down. Yuck, who would want that? NOT ME!

I’ve participated willingly in lots of one-on-one therapy. I have had wise, insightful therapists, many who have pushed me and encouraged me to learn difficult things about myself. I haven’t had an easy path.

In 2016, I challenged myself to confront my fears as they arose. I did just that. One of my biggest fears was around how I could handle my financial life alone. I realized I was awaiting a man on a white horse to financially rescue me. I let go of that fantasy and I turned and confronted straight on my fears about money. I got a money coach and I started learning about money. I learned how to live under the amount I was earning. I learned how to save money. Yup, it took me until I was 50 to learn about this!! Better late than never!

The beautiful upside of confronting these fears is that I freed a huge amount of space inside myself for romantic love! By confronting my fears about financial management I shook loose blocked up energy inside. And, now, I do believe I am ready!

Being ready doesn’t mean that men are lining up outside my front door!! (darn.) About a week ago, I realized I had not gone on a date in over a year. It was time for action! I got an email about a newish dating site called So, I signed up! I filled out the profile and posted a photo. I’ve exchanged a few notes, no dates yet! I’m hoping that I go on at least one date by March 15th. Living on the edge!!

Over 158 people liked the post I made about my dating situation on Facebook! My friend Maryellen Smith told me about the book she and her friend Diana Dorell wrote about dating. It’s called “The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again.” I immediately ordered it! I will read it when I’m in Mexico next week!

Here it is:

For all my single friends, Enjoy Valentine’s Day!!! Know you are loved!!!




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