Do you sit, stand, run or recline at your desk?

Do you spend a good amount of time working at a desk? I do! After all, I’m the Internship Coordinator at the University of Minnesota in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences (CFANS) and I spend a lot of time emailing students, supervisors and more. PLUS I am a writer working on my second book and writing blogs every week. That adds up to LOTS of desk time. So, what to do at this desk?!! Do you ever think about this? I do!!

My desk at the University has a standing option, and I even have a cushy mat to stand on, when I stand. The thing I’ve discovered is that I don’t think as well standing as I do sitting. It took me a while to figure that out. I guess I get so engrossed in thinking that having to spend a tiny bit of mental energy on standing is distracting. As a result, I don’t stand at my desk very often.

One thing I greatly appreciate is my Apple Watch, which every hour reminds me to stand up and move around. I follow it!! In fact, I will often get up and simply walk up and down the hallway, or walk outside for a few minutes. Turns out that bit of movement every hour keeps me fresh and physically loose. After all, they do say that sitting is the new smoking.

I’m greatly impressed by my friend Linda Brandt who has a treadmill desk. Linda walks all day as she types and talks. I am fairly certain that I would suck at walking or running while typing. I’ve realized as I age that I am very good at doing ONE THING AT A TIME!!! Multitasking is not for me. Although, I am a fan of walk and talks for meetings.

Me and Sam thinking about walking and running! Makes us both happy!

Speaking of which, despite all the desk time I have every day, due to the new pup in my life, Sammy boy, I am averaging about 12,000 steps every day. Sam is about one year old and wow wow wow is he a high energy dog. His idea of fun is to run off leash non-stop for over an hour.  He keeps me moving! Thank you Sam!

Tell me, do you have a standing, running, reclining desk?! I’m curious!

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4 thoughts on “Do you sit, stand, run or recline at your desk?”

  1. I’m with you, Mari. I need to sit down to concentrate. But I make it a point to get up and walk around the office every hour, and take a few short walks around the city during the day.

    Go Red Rider!

  2. This is awesome! Many people at work now stand. I have long thought that at conferences where people sit for 8 hours for a whole week should take place in conference rooms with treadmills so at least half (or all) could walk and listen/participate at the same time. So many conferences necessitate passive participation from a chair, and your mind and tuschke get tired and sore!

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